Started from 7 September 2014.

If you have any ideas for improvement, let me know!

promo bc im awake at 1am and i cant sleep


must be following me ( flowerlock )
reblogs only
must reach +60
lists of 15 
faves in bold
ends at 11am gtm

ends in an hour!

i want a new flowery icon hmmmmm

Woah how did you coped w/ it?

I just continue blogging„, how else is one supposed to ‘cope with it’??

(Secretly made a list of all people that unfollowed me and put them on my ‘betrayers’ list.)

i feel like making a history tag where i post all about history in it would u guys like that or;;;;

What's the greatest amount of followers you have lost?

200 Haha and that happened yesterday and the day before that.

brb y’all 

i better come back to johnlock headcanons bc i want to fangirl with y’all about that gay couple

*joins booby army*


everyone is a lil away from their next hundred what is hapepning today

But like I had 208 unfollowers in one day and now I’m starting to gain them again so now I’m close to getting back 8 followers from the 208 if you get it?? 

*joins ur army of small boobied ladies*


But big boobies are nice as well. Like all boobies are fine as hell tho.

don’t post pictures of you naked if you are under 18 bc it can be seen as child porn (it actually is) and you can get into a lot of trouble for it

ur amazing

Thank you nonnie!



small boobie pride

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